unique "sleep quiet" motor
fits most leading manufacturers' prams, push chairs and buggies
robust and portable
birth to three years old
gentle and safe motion with timed switch-off.


Soothe your baby to sleep with the natural motion they first experienced in the womb

Extensive research
and development

The Baby Dream Machine from Natural Sleep Innovations Ltd

The gentle movement of the wheel platform creates a small circular rotation at the rear

We all know that a tired baby travelling in a car seat or being pushed along in a pram will quickly drift off to sleep. The rhythmic motion reminds them of their earliest environment - the womb.

Designed and manufactured to the highest and most innovative specification, the Baby Dream Machine produces the optimum movement pattern to induce healthy, restful sleep.

The front wheel moves backwards and forwards a small distance

The resulting rhythmic elliptical rotation soothes baby to sleep without jolting or shaking.