"... I can settle him by simply placing his pram onto the Baby Dream Machine and within seconds it has worked it's magic!"
Sue Bowes - North Yorkshire

"... I have found that I am able to plan my day more precisely as I know the routine my baby will follow"
Lorraine Davis - East Yorkshire

"... We've found the Baby Dream Machine to be invaluable! Half a dozen rocks on the Baby Dream Machine and her eyes are heavy, within minutes she's asleep, nothing has ever worked so well!"
Mrs Banford - Bury

"... The Baby Dream Machine comes in very handy when my son gets upset"
Tina Hyde - London

"... Well, I was amazed - within 10 seconds, Joe had stopped kicking and screaming and started rubbing his eyes. Within minutes he was fast asleep - I couldn't believe just how wrong we'd been about the Baby Dream Machine! We look forward to receiving the 3 we've ordered - without question we'll have one on our shop floor in case there are people like us, who thought it's a waste of money - we can't wait to prove them wrong!"
Colin and Susan Warne - Owners of Baby World, Redruth, Cornwall (Nursery Retailer of the Year 2005)

"the Baby Dream Machine was the only thing that would settle Daniel down when he was feeling under the weather, its a real life saver!"
Becky Wirtz - Devon

"the Baby Dream Machine quickly got my baby into a sleeping routine very quickly, it helps me organise my day."
Lorraine Davis - Bridlington.

"I couldn't believe it, within minutes on the Baby Dream Machine Amelia was asleep"
Ben & Jane Nicholson - Bristol.

"the Baby Dream Machine has allowed me to devote more time to my other children and housework, I really don't know how I would cope without it."
Anne Bamford - Leeds

"it means I don't have to leave the house to take him for a walk or a ride in the car to calm him down. It's also an absolute godsend at tea-time as that's when he's most irritable and when I have to concentrate on feeding the rest of the family."
Sarah Bowes - Edinburgh.