unique "sleep quiet" motor
fits most leading manufacturers' prams, push chairs and buggies
robust and portable
birth to three years old
gentle and safe motion with timed switch-off.


Soothe your baby to sleep with the natural motion they first experienced in the womb

for peaceful, natural healthy sleep.

Welcome to the Baby Dream Machine
from Natural Sleep Innovations Ltd

Just like rocking your baby in your arms, Baby Dream Machine creates a gentle, rhythmic motion that lulls your child into a peaceful slumber.

In today's busy world, we can't hold our infants in our arms 24/7. To help families gain the healthy volume of sleep they need to flourish, we've undertaken extensive research and developed this unique 'soothing system'.

Join the ranks of relaxed, well rested parents enjoying the benefits of Baby Dream Machine. Happy healthy babies equal happy healthy parents. Baby Dream Machine makes peaceful sleep a reality. Order yours today!